Scoline in & out

Indication: intubation.

Dose: 1.5 mg/kg.

Onset: 60 sec

Duration: 4-6 minutes

What if patient wake up prior to intubation?

  • Repeated dose can be given.
  • Another 0.5mg/kg maybe? Give total to 2mg/kg.
  • But first of all, why patient still not intubated? Is it difficult airway? Get your backup plan ready. (Senior, specialist, consultant, bougie, video, fiberoptic, cricothyrotomy, etc)
  • Is Rocuronium is an alternative?
  • How about repeated dose/high dose of scoline?
    • Beware bradycardia- give atropine.
      Tachyphylaxis- the same dose might not working as it was.

    You also want to check out why Rocuronium is probably better than Scoline in emergency setting.

    Read this:

    Why delay in transition:

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